About Us

Home health care is the alternative to nursing home and extended hospital based rehabilitation.

We bring health care and related services into the homes of aging adults.

The Esperanza Advantage:
  • Care Services are under direct order of our client’s own physician.
  • Personalized, secure and private care.
  • Time, inconvenience and the cost associated with travel is eliminated.

Esperanza Home Health Care is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care while respecting the dignity of each individual we serve. Working with your physician, our multi-disciplinary teams will tailor a program specifically designed for your benefit. By providing clients with best-in-class personalized, professional services, Esperanza has become one of the leading home health care providers in Illinois. Our clients are our highest priority and are served with integrity, honesty and respect.

We focus on prolonging the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities or illnesses to allow them to reach their full potential so that they can continue to enjoy living in and contributing to their community.

Prevention is better than treatment.

That is why we have dedicated ourselves to helping individuals with disabilities or illnesses to live life to the fullest. Just like a full life, the best care includes friends and family. One of the most important benefits of in-home care is that it gives clients more time and opportunity to share life with their loved ones.

We rely on feedback from clients, staff and family members to enable continuous improvement. We proactively respond to all client requests and family concerns. We are justifiably proud of the praise, our team has received for their compassion and commitment to excellence.

Who Pays?

Medicare covers 100% of home health care services. Patients must currently meet Medicare’s definition of homebound, must require the skilled services of a nurse or therapist, and must have a doctor following their care. This does not necessarily mean that you can not drive. Homebound means that leaving the home requires a lot of effort and that trips away from the home are therefore infrequent. You can be temporarily “homebound” due to injury or fatigue from illness. Our team can also find out if other private insurance policies will cover home health care and whether the patient will incur any financial responsibility.